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Upcoming clinics are listed

Upcoming rabies vaccination clinics will be listed at

The Health Department is sponsoring three free rabies clinics for dogs, cats, and ferrets in September 2021 at some County Public Works Barns.

- Rabies Clinic on September 9 in Dayton
- Rabies Clinic on September 14 in Machias
- Rabies Clinic on September 16 in Allegany

These clinics are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
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Rabies Clinic Pre-Registration is Live!

The new Rabies Clinic Pre-registration is live and available for the Rabies Clinic on September 19, 2020.

Go to the Pre-Registration form

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Vaccination FAQ

What research supports that vaccines are safe?

An overwhelming number of studies by today's leading organizations and top scientists have shown that today's vaccines are safe and effective at preventing disease and infection. See The Proof Behind Vaccine Safety and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Resource Library for more details on supporting research. Read more

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