Shared Service Agreement

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Shared Services are one way that Cattaraugus County is trying to reduce property taxes.

Did you know?

You may know the following tax reduction efforts that some local governments have been undertaking for the last 2-3 years.

Property Tax Freeze

We've been in a Property Tax Freeze for the last 2 years. The County had planned ahead and started cutting budgets ahead of the freeze. Learn more from the County Administrator.

Create a Shared Service Plan

We created a shared services plan with neighboring local governments. Learn more about the County's shared services plan.

New Tax Credit

There's a new Tax Credit nicknamed the Circuit Breaker. More on the Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.

What is a County vehicle doing at a town project?

You may have seen a Cattaraugus County Government-owned(Public Works) vehicle or equipment in Cattaraugus County working in your city, town or village.

Some vehicles will have a magnetic badge stating something similar to the following:

This vehicle is participating in a shared service agreement...

We work together with municipalities to get projects done faster and with less cost to reduce taxes.

Big Issue ... Taxes

A big issue in New York State is increasing property taxes. NY State continues to have the highest property taxes in the United States of America. Learn more about New York State's plan to continue to reduce taxes at

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